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V.A.R.K. (also known as Veterinary After Rescue Kare) located in Orangevale, California is a recognized 501(c)3 Not For Profit Organization designed to help local animal rescue organizations in the Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties in providing money for the medical side of those rescued animals.

This website will help those interested in finding information about our organization, making a donation/contribution (monetary and material), volunteering time, finding events we are participating in, viewing pictures of our mascots, etc. Anything you need to know about V.A.R.K. is described herewith.

The funding V.A.R.K. contributes to the rescue organizations does not focus on just one type of animal, like a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, turtle, etc, but rather our focus is on all animals of every species. These animals can be domesticated, non-domesticated, exotic, etc, if they need help with medical bills, V.A.R.K. is there for them.

See our Application for Assistance for more information.

Mission Statement:

About V.A.R.K.
Veterinary After Rescue Kare or V.A.R.K. was founded by Dr. Jyl Rubin, DVM, to help give unwanted animals of all species and breeds another chance at life by helping to fund their medical care through rescue organizations. Through our Volunteer and Community Outreach Programs, V.A.R.K. is committed to enhancing the relationships between people and animals by educating the community and helping to prevent convenient euthanasia.

V.A.R.K. is located in Orangevale, CA (Sacramento County) and currently provides services to the Greater Sacramento and Placer County rescue organizations.

We are a certified 501(c)3 Not For Profit Organization. Our Mission and Vision At V.A.R.K., we are dedicated to educating and enhancing the relationship between people and animals. We are committed to giving unwanted animals of ALL species and breeds another chance at life by helping to fund their medical care through other area non-profit rescue organizations and to help prevent convenient euthanasia. At V.A.R.K., we believe that every animal deserves the opportunity to live in a safe environment, receive proper and adequate care and companionship, and to be treated with respect and diginity.
Our Goals

To be a positive influence in the way humans treat, interact, and coexist with domestic, wild, and exotic animals through education and community outreach. To provide quality medical care to abandoned and abused animals by helping to fund their medical care through local non-profit rescue organizations. Conduct fundraising efforts for all animals in need of receiving proper veterinary care. To grow into a State and Nationally recognized funded non-profit organization.


We gladly accept donations of any and all animal related items, including food, boarding, and grooming supplies. In addition, listed below are just a few other items that we can use for the animals:

Towels, Washclothes Pet Foods (wet & dry) Bowls (food & water) Cages Scratching Posts Toys (domestic or exoctic) Plastic Litter Boxes Dishsoap Blankets Paper Towels Dog Houses Brushes (for all animals) Collars & Leashes Cat Litter Dog & Cat Beds Laundry Soap

These items, if not of immediate use to V.A.R.K. itself, will be donated to the nearest rescue that devotes time and effort to being part of V.A.R.K. for their rescue organization.

For Donation questions, please contact us via phone (916-989-0733) or by email

V.A.R.K. Tax ID: 41-2099057

In addition to material items, monetary donations are greatly appreciated. There are 2 easy ways to make a monetary donation:

By Check, Cash, or Money Order: You can drop off or mail your donation to us at 7438 Cardwell Ave., Orangevale, CA 95662

Visit V.A.R.K.----------click here

By Credit Card via PayPal, just press the DONATE button below and you are on your way.

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