Testimonials of Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ Products

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Testimonials from our Friends

Jaxon Testimonial

I started coming to Dr. Jyl when my Americn Bulldog, Jaxson started experiencing severe back pain. Previously, he had been seeing a traditional Western doctor, however we saw little improvement. After his first session with Dr. Jyl performing acupuncture and giving us Petnpeople products, the change was incredible! Jax started acting like his normal self and I absolutely loved that she used Easter/Western medicine, as well as natural products. We used Homer’s™ Topical Hemp Spray, Rutter’s Foaming Hemp Relief Shampoo, as well as Dr. Schmedley’s Sol Screen. I was amazed at the relief that Jax experienced with the topical spray and shampoo. I also loved that the shampoo came in a foaming container so that it lasted longer and covered the whole body. The sunscreen smells SO good and isn't greasy, nor did it leave residue on my furniture like typical sunscreen. I was so impressed that I started using all the products on myself. Every day I use the sunscreen on my face because it leaves my skin so soft and protects my light skin from the sun. I am a firm believer that these products work and appreciate the excellent quality. T. Smothers, March 31, 2017

I wanted to let you know that I have used your Rutter’s Foaming Hemp Relief Shampoo and I love it! I love the small, how it's easily distributed throughout the dog's hair and it rinses out of the Pekingese so easily. Awesome product! I used it for a second time on General Li and Geisha today (Genghis is not so stinky and could wait) and I have also noticed that I think the essential oils in the shampoo also have a calming effect on the dogs. After a little bit of running around they are now carshed out on the couch. I will be buting more of this when I run out. Cheers and best wishes, Kristen, April 2019

Testimonial for Icee

I have been using your Rutter’s Foaming Hemp Relief Shampoo on Icee, my 13 year old German Shepard, and she loves it. Before, she would try to hide when it was bath time. Now she comes running and starts waggin' when it's bath time. When I'm done her coat is so beautiful and she smells good! Thank you very much for a great product. Barry, July 2019

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