PetnPeopl™ Products

The following products were invented and formulated by veterinarian Dr. Jyl of These products are all natural and organic and were developed for animals with special needs and medical conditions that Dr. Jyl owned.

PetnPeopl Products
Dr. Schmedley’s™ Sol Screen - Pet Sun Guard is an organic, all natural sun guard for pets and people.

Awesome Annies™ Foaming Hemp Relief Shampoo soothes achy muscles and joints in pets.

Homer’s™ Topical Hemp Relief Spray relieves pet discomfort and inflamation.

Rutters™ Remedy Foaming Hemp Relief Shampoo soothes muscles and joints.

Titan’s™ Topical Hemp Spray is an organic based pain relief spray for muscle discomfort and joint aches for horses.

Déjà™ Drops is a savory flavored hemp drops to decrease pet pain.

"My rat had a bad upper respiratory infection. I believe he was painful and I took him to the vet to get care. They gave me antibiotics to clear the infection but I still felt he was in total discomfort and pain. I tried one drop of the Deja Hemp Drops which he willingly licked off my finger. I noticed within minutes he was much more chipper and active. I am impressed by the ease of application, palatability and effect it had on my little rat. I'm so glad there are products out there for animals other than dogs and cats that can be helpful." A Smith

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