Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ Mission

Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ Products are safe natural, organic products for pets.

We now recognize pets and people are at a critical juncture in relation to our planet, and viable alternatives must be created to lead us into a sustainable future.

Dr Jyl's PetnPeopl™ was created to manufacture and market high quality, unique, natural human and pet safe products of usefulness and value.

We pledge to conduct our business in an environmentally aware manner emphasizing reuse and recycling, the use of natural base ingredients and the application of appropriate technology.

Did you know that any product can make an organic claim, yet only contain 70% organic ingredients? The other 30% must come from an approved list of nontoxic ingredients. The problem is, industry groups and USDA are still deciding exactly what the rules for personal and pet care are going to be. This process will take several years at a minimum.

We only source a high-quality soap base which is USDA organic. This means our products are made with a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. Alkali, used to turn soils into soap, and water are the primary non-organic ingredients.

We use both natural and certified organic essential oils, and herbs. We will NEVER count the water as the organic ingredient.

Our goal, and the reason for this company's existence, is to provide you and your pets with alternatives to the current petrochemical based pet care products industry. It is our hope and dream, we will provide safe, natural pet products for you and your pet.

PetnPeopl™ products may be covered by the following pet insurance carriers
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