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Dr. Schmedley's™ Sol Screen

Reef Safe

How Dr. Jyl Invented Dr. Schmedley's Sol Screen Schmedley was born a hazel-eyed, pink-colored, albino boxer dog, with a permanent defect of his skin. From an early age,Schmedley's prognosis was grim. A patient of Dr. Jyl Rubin, a media veterinarian, Schmedley's owners could not care for him any longer due to the extensive veterinary care he required. Dr. Jyl fell in love with the pink boxer and wanted to help, so she rescued and adopted him. Dr. Jyl tried all sorts of medications, treatments, diagnostics, and consultations with specialists regarding Schmedley's condition. She did not give up even when other veterinarians told her he would never live a normal life and he may need to be put down. She constantly babied him and searched for new treatments. Dr. Schmedley's She soon realized Schmedley had a special gift; she would take him to work each day and when a sick animal came into the office, Schmedley would pay special attention to the animal and also the owner. Dr. Jyl noticed Schmedley's gentle nature and his unusual looks were actually very therapeutic and would calm down the animal patients and their owners instantly. Schmedley had such an impact on people that he became a therapy/hospice dog. People would always inquire about Schmedley, and were fascinated by his unusual looks. Schmedley (aka “Dr. Schmedley,” because of his healing nature) loved to bask in the warm sun and would frequently sneak (he is not allowed in the sun) outside to catch the rays and a snooze. His delicate pink skin and lack of hair predisposes him to sunburn from the harsh UV sun rays. He is also a skin cancer survivor and frequently has growths removed. Suffering from multiple sunburns throughout his life, Dr. Jyl decided to invent a special soothing, all natural combination sun block and insect repellent to help Schmedley, and other sensitive skin individuals from getting sun burns. Wanting a product safe for people and all animals, she developed “Dr. Schmedley's™ Sol Screen” a natural sun block that is reef safe with SPF 30, insect guard with moisturizers and aroma therapy all wrapped up in one product! Now pets and owners can go outside and enjoy themselves, once the Sol Screen is applied! Schmedley is the mascot for his pet sunscreen product and was also a public figure for skin cancer awareness in pets. He had been featured on several newscasts, commercials, and in magazine articles. Schmedley wore his sun block every day of his life. He passed away peacefully at home in 2009 in Sacramento, California. He became paralyzed the last year of his life and was fitted for a wheel chair. He became a public awareness inspiration dog for skin cancer survivors, and handicapped adults, children and animals. He was truly a gift.

How Dr. Jyl Invented Homer's™ Joint Jelly now known as Topical Spray

How Dr. Jyl Invented Homer's Joint Jelly Homer was a Vietnamese potbelly pig Dr. Jyl rescued in 2003 who was extremely arthritic and in very poor condition. He had been abused and malnourished in his prior home making him cranky and extremely arthritic. Homer had a lot of trouble walking so Dr. Jyl wanted to give him something to help him move more freely. At the time there were no topical soothing products for pets on the market. In 2005 Dr. Jyl modeled a pet Joint Jelly after a topical human/horse product made for muscle aches and arthritis. In honor of Homer she named the soothing, cooling product Homer's™ Hemp Topical Spray . It was made with all human grade ingredients to be used for pets and people. The cooling, soothing, greaseless, stainless lotion like gel was used topically for immediate relief of sore joints, tired feet, and aching muscles. In 2016, Dr. Jyl invented the All Natural/Organics Homer's Hemp Topical Spray which replaced the jelly due to ease of administration and the addition of essential oils and Hemp which was renamed Homer's Hemp Topical Spray. Homer's Hemp Topical Spray is fast acting and starts to work upon contact even on furry creatures! After Dr. Jyl created Homer's™ Hemp Topical Spray and started using it on Homer his personality changed. Homer loved having his back and legs rubbed with the joint jelly. He began to walk better and was able to live out his life happily with no aches. He passed away peacefully in 2008 at the age of 20 years old! Homer became the mascot for arthritis and joint awareness in pets and raised public awareness for arthritis sufferers. Homer's™ Hemp Topical Spray has been used successfully on many other animals such as pigs, llamas, goats, dogs, horses and even people to help alleviate muscle soreness!
How Dr. Jyl Invented Homer's Joint Jelly

How Dr. Jyl Invented Rutter's™ Remedy Hemp Foaming Relief Shampoo

Rutter was a six-week-old yellow Labrador Retriever puppy rescued from a pet store in Sacramento. The pet store was under investigation by the DAs office and animal control for animal cruelty. Dr. Jyl was working with the DAs office to make sure the animals in the pet store were healthy, safe and given the proper medical care. Eventually the pet store was shut down and the owners were arrested for animal cruelty. Rutter was one of the puppies who had been abused. He was unable to walk and it appeared he had suffered trauma on his hips, back and legs. He was named Rutter because the only part of his body working normally was his constantly wagging tail. His tail reminded Dr. Jyl of a boat rudder constantly in motion so she changed the spelling and named him “Rutter Tail.” Due to his medical condition the pet store could not sell Rutter and requested for him to be euthanized. They claimed they could not sell him in the condition he was in and did not want to pay for veterinary care. The pet store owners were surprised any one would take a sick animal knowing he would need veterinary care. They thought he just a throwaway pet. When Dr. Jyl offered to take Rutter he was only 6 weeks old. Dr. Jyl took him home and did a lot of research to see exactly what was wrong. Apparently he had been traumatized as well as potentially having a neuro-muscular disorder. At the time Dr. Jyl was enrolled in a course for Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM), a chiropractic technique used in animals. She needed a patient who would qualify for rehabilitation while learning this technique. She decided to use Rutter and worked on him daily providing excellent food, supplements, physical therapy, and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. X-rays showed that his hips were in very bad shape and after months of rehabilitation Dr. Jyl decided to do hip surgery to help him walk and eliminate discomfort. After surgery Rutter flourished and he became one of the mascots at her veterinary clinic. He struggled through a painful time but always had an exceptionally sweet and loving attitude. Rutter had laser therapy, and acupuncture through out his lifetime. He was a special spirit and accompanied Dr. Jyl at the Veterinary Hospital for 14 years until he passed peacefully on his bed in 2016. Rutter's™ Remedy Hemp Foaming Relief Shampoo was named in honor of Rutter to build awareness about animal pain and to help alleviate other animal's topical pain, muscle aches and joint pain. Many people and animals miss Rutter, but his spirit lives on by using him name to promote animal pain awareness and to provide topical relief to other loving animals and people who suffer from lameness, musculoskeletal soreness, and joint discomfort.
How Dr. Jyl Invented Homer's Joint Jelly

How Dr. Jyl Invented Titan's™ Topical Hemp Spray

In 1999 Dr. Jyl moved to her home in Orangevale, California.  On the property was a beautiful barn and an old outbuilding, which is currently being used as her Integrative Veterinary Hospital today. While moving in, she noticed all the fence tops around the stables and barn had been chewed up and destroyed. There had been several horses living on the property before Dr. Jyl purchased her home but the previous owners had taken all of their horses with them. Left behind was the damage caused by a particular horse named, Titan. He was a beautiful thoroughbred racehorse trained to work on the racetrack. Unfortunately, he had a bad habit of cribbing and chewing on in adamant objects such as fences, barn's, walls, and posts to alleviate his stress. He did not enjoy being used as a racehorse. Titan was a wonderful, gentle, sensitive animal, and was very affectionate. He had a loving spirit and acted much like a dog. He would eat treats (apples were his favorite) from your hand, loved to be brushed, and ridden bareback daily.  He did not enjoy his work as a racehorse. The previous owners had decided they did not want Titan and could not use him as a racehorse because he destroyed their corrals from the excessive cribbing. They claimed he was of no use to them and decided to give him up and send him to auction. When Dr. Jyl found out they no longer wanted him she offered to rescue him. He was a perfect fit going back to his original home! Titan was housed at Dr. Jyl's home for many years happily until unfortunately he coliced and passed away due to excessive cribbing, from anxiety. Dr. Jyl was devastated when he became ill and tried all kinds of medical treatment to save her loving Titan. Trying to stop his dangerous habit she tried treating the fences with hot sauce to avoid him from chewing, using a cribbing collar to avoid excessive air consumption, trying special foods, food bowls, but nothing seemed to work and the destruction of the fences kept getting worse and worse and so did Titan. She even had another veterinarian examine Titan to see if there was anything else that could be done. Titan became weaker and was very uncomfortable. Unfortunately Titan could not be saved and passed away from severe colic and stress. To honor Titan's memory Dr. Jyl created Titan's™ Topical Hemp Spray. This product was designed to help alleviate stress, discomfort associated with musculoskeletal soreness and make animals comfortable overall. Titan became the mascot for public awareness in pets with anxiety disorders. Titan's topical is also fabulous for achy joints, musculoskeletal soreness due to overworking, soothes and calms, aromatherapy, and can assist mobility in horses with naturally aging joints. Titan's Topical Hemp Spray has been used successfully on many animals such as horses, pigs, llamas, goats, dogs, and even people to help alleviate anxiety, soreness, and musculoskeletal discomfort! Specially formulated from essential oils, plant botanicals, and Hemp to leave your horse feeling great! Safe and nontoxic.  Natural essential oils and herbs including frankincense, geranium, and myrrh, turmeric, nettle, and celery seed are used instead of synthetic preservatives, dyes or perfumes. Made with natural and organic ingredients.
How Dr. Jyl Invented Titans

How Dr. Jyl Invented Awesome Annie's™ Hemp Foaming Shampoo

When Annie was adopted by Dr. Jyl she was 30 years old! How Dr. Jyl Invented Awesome Annie's CBD Foaming ShampooShe was a beautiful old, white horse who was unkempt found in a pasture living by herself and totally blind. Her coat was dirty, dull, brown and she was losing chunks of hair from malnourishment and harsh outside weather conditions due to a lack of shelter. One day, Dr. Jyl was on her way to house call in the country and witnessed several teenage boys abusing Annie with sticks and rocks.  She stopped on the side of the road and scared the boys away. Poor Annie was old, blind, tired, sad, frail, dehydrated, and defenseless. Dr. Jyl called out to old, arthritic Annie and she slowly sombered over to the broken down barb wire fence line. Dr. Jyl stroked her matted head and Annie immediately responded lovingly by licking Dr. Jyl's hands, it was an instant connection! Dr. Jyl tried to find Annie's owner to offer medical care.  Dr. Jyl inquired to all the surrounding neighbors but nobody seemed to know who Annie belonged to. Dr. Jyl did not give up and after a few days of investigation Annie's owner came forward and offered to give her up.  They claimed they were going to send her to the rendering plant and no longer wanted her because she was broken, old, dirty, and blind.  Dr. Jyl was upset by this and immediately volunteered to take her back to her home in Orangevale, but needed help to transport her. She called upon the the local high school to borrow a cow trailer to bring Annie home. Because the trailer was so large  Dr. Jyl packed her into the trailer with giant bales of hay so she would be safe from any fast movements during travel. Once Dr. Jyl loaded Annie into the trailer and got her situated she made the journey home. After caring for Annie for several weeks Dr. Jyl felt she had acclimated well and decided to bathe her. After about five baths all the mud came off and Dr. Jyl could not believe how beautiful Annie was! Her beautiful white coat started to glisten in the sun after she was bathed. Annie's overall personality changed and she appeared happier once she felt clean. She began to interact more with Dr. Jyl by running and prancing despite her blindness, she was home! Dr. Jyl and Annie became inseparable over the last few years of her life. She had a daily routine and loved being bathed, brushed, fed and even ridden occasionally.  Over the last several years of her life Annie gained almost 100 pounds and looked amazing! Even though she was blind she still could tell exactly where people were and came out every morning and evening with a lovely greeting to take apples and carrots as treats. Routinely, every morning Dr. Jyl would spend time with Annie but one rainy morning she noticed Annie was quiet and depressed. She looked dehydrated and sad so Dr. Jyl decided to examine her to check her vitals and take a sample of blood. She noticed she was not eating as much and look depressed, she did not even want her favorite treats. When the lab results came back they showed Annie's kidneys were in bad shape. Dr. Jyl tried to rehydrate her by giving her IV fluids but she just kept getting worse and worse. Annie finally passed at the age of 35 from kidney disease. The last five years of her life were spent happily living on Dr. Jyl's property. She loved her baths and the daily attention.  Her gentle spirit and name lives on as Awesome Annie's™ Hemp Foaming Shampoo is named in her honor. The organic, gentle Hemp Foaming Shampoo makes horses coats shine and moisturizes while guarding against insects. The essential oils, herbals, and Hemp helps soothe and calm the skin and spirit, achy muscles and joints while supporting healthy blood flow. Awesome Annie's™ Hemp Foaming Shampoo assists in mobility in horses and pets with naturally aging joints and physical discomfort. There are no harsh or toxic chemicals, it is made with natural and organic ingredients. It is useful in horses to promote skin health while stimulating hydration in healthy to aged skin. Can be used on horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, llamas, pigs, cows, goats, sheep and any animal that may have pain, lameness or musculoskeletal soreness. Yes, it is safe for people too!

How Dr. Jyl Invented Déjà™ Drops
(AKA: Sir Licks Alot Elixir)

In 2010 Dr. Jyl received and email from a friend on Facebook with a subject titled “Looks like Schmedley.” The email caught her eye and when she opened it there was a small photo of a skinny, sickly, hairless, sad looking white Boxer Dog. The email stated the dog needed to be rescued. Dr. Jyl had not seen the email for several days because she was traveling and when she finally opened the email she was astonished to see the photo looked just like Dr. Schmedley who had passed the year prior. Dr. Jyl tried to contact the shelter where the dog was located but it was Sunday and the shelter was closed. Apparently, the day Dr. Jyl read the email was day the Boxer was to be euthanized. Dr. Jyl contacted the local Boxer rescue groupHow Dr. Jyl Invented Déjà Drops to see if they could rescue the little white Boxer immediately. She was finally able to reach a volunteer at Take Me Home Boxer Rescue in Southern California. The rescue was able to pull the dog from the shelter and put her into a veterinary hospital where she would receive veterinary care through the weekend. Dr. Jyl offered to foster the dog but the rescue declined since she was not in their designated adoption area and therefore was not eligible to take the dog. After speaking with the president of the rescue group over the next several days she convinced them to allow her to take the bewildered, sickly dog. She offered to foster or adopt the dog, and willingly donate all the expenses including veterinary medical and home care. Two weeks later a volunteer transported the bewildered Boxer to Dr. Jyl. The moment Dr. Jyl laid eyes on her it was love at first sight! The poor pup was weak, malnutritioned, hairless, boney, beaten up, pink skinned, and mange infected, but she still wagged her tail and gave kisses the moment she met Dr. Jyl. Dr. Jyl named her Déjà Vu because she reminded her of Dr. Schmedley so much, she could not believe the resemblance. It was uncanny! Dr. Jyl promised Déjà Vu she would never again be harmed and she would always be protected under her care. For the next six months Dr. Jyl showered Déjà Vu with affection, medical care, quality nutrition, training and tons of unconditional love! Déjà Vu had been used as a bait dog and had fear issues with other dogs. Always defensive she would attack other animals upon meeting them and because her skin was so raw and red from infection she was extremely sensitive to any one who came near her though she never showed aggression toward people. Dr. Jyl treated her with natural with holistic care products such as glandulars, herbals and a good diet to see if the mange* could be controlled. Over the next six months Déjà Vu gained 25 pounds, grew all of her hair back and her personality had changed greatly. She had learned to trust the other dogs in the household and became an amazing pet. Take Me Home Rescue allowed Dr. Jyl to officially adopt Déjà Vu as her own. Déjà Vu's earned the nickname “Sir Licks Alot” because she never stopped giving kisses! Her tail never stopped wagging either. She was always happy, had a great sense of humor, and made everyone laugh. Déjà Vu lived a wonderful life but in 2017 Dr. Jyl noticed her eyes became runny and sad. Dr. Jyl did blood work and x-rays and started her on some herbals. She bounced back rather quickly but within a few months started looking thinner and developed a heart murmur. A cardiac ultrasound revealed an in operable tumor inside of her heart. She was given four weeks to live by the Veterinary Cardiologist. Dr. Jyl was heartbroken and decided to try holistic chemotherapy approaches to see if she could help Déjà Vu's terminal condition. For the next six months Déjà Vu received IV Vitamin C Therapy, Hemp supplements, UV light Therapy, Herbals, Glandular's, Acupuncture, Ionic Foot-baths, Ozone Therapy, and a variety of other natural modalities. Unfortunately, Déjà Vu succumbed to the horrible tumor in her heart that ended her life. Dr. Jyl credits the comfort given to Déjà Vu through her final days to Acupuncture, Holistic Therapies,  and the canine relief Hemp oil she administered during her illness. Named in Déjà's Vu's honor Dr. Jyl created “Déjà Drops”™, which are convenient, savory flavored, palatable, all natural oral Hemp drops. How Dr. Jyl Invented Déjà Drops The multifaceted benefits of these Hemp drops have been known to help decrease pain, sleep disorders, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, glaucoma, hypertension, asthma, fatigue, gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, nausea, appetite loss, diabetes and anorexia. They also help with mood and behavior disorders, depression stress, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, insomnia, spinal injuries, neurologic disorders epilepsy and seizures. No corn, no wheat, no sugar, non-GMO, no soy, cruelty free, and vegan. This is an all-natural hemp product. Veterinary developed and recommended. Easy to administer pump and palatable for your pet. Please check with a Veterinary professional before using this product. *Déjà Vu was a mascot for Demodex Mange awareness at a presentation given by Dr. Jyl to a group of Holistic Veterinarians in 2012. She brought awareness to Veterinarians about proper nutrition; holistic care and supplementation, which are used as an alternative to the traditional insecticides used to treat animals when affected by Demodectic Mange.

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