Stephanie D. Moscone Dog Peeps, Jul 23, 2016

Dr. Schmedley’s Sol Screen

Hi Everyone, I’m Yappy to announce a new member to our group (read on). By now, most of you know Stormy and I commute to SF for work from Roseville and have been doing so going on 5 years. You have been there for us when we discovered she had heartworm and all her other aging moments. Most of you listen to my ramblings of what an awesome Veterinarian Stormy has, only to find out she is not local. Guess what, she has now joined our page and you can find out for yourself how amazing she truly is. Without further ado, I’m so excited to introduce our newest member, “Jyl Rubin” or Dr. Jyl.

Her philosophy of caring for all animals (large, small, exotic, all species) is a cross with Western and Eastern medicine. She’s a firm believer in wellness for the animal. Her education in Chinese medicine has only increased her knowledge in her ability to treat our furry kids without chemicals that can have horrible side effects. Don’t get me wrong, she will use both traditional and nontraditional methods combined to heal whatever ailments your kid is suffering from. She goes beyond the normal Vet. She has just spent the last 10 years creating a product that is so revolutionary that I can’t wait to share with you. She just launched it last week. It’s called SolScreen.


Dr. Schmedley’s™ SolScreen is a 30spf sunscreen for any species to use, yes humans can use it too. It’s all organic natural ingredients make it non-toxic. Here’s the kicker, it’s not only a sunscreen, but it’s an insect repellent (mosquitoes, flies, ticks). I’m highly allergic to bug sprays and have never been able to use them. Now I have a product that protects Stormy’s nose from the sun and her body from insects, but that it protects me too.

I am so Yappy to have her join. Please introduce yourselves to her and hopefully on one of her monthly trips to SF she will stop by for Yappy hour!

Stephanie D. Moscone Dog Peeps, Jul 23, 2016