Welcome to Dr. Jyl's Petnpeopl™Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ ProductsDr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ Veterinarian Developed

Welcome to Dr. Jyl's Petnpeopl™

The Petnpeopl™ goal is to change to way the humans around the globe interact with animals by forming a positive connection and bond through using safe, natural products to enhance the quality of human and animals lives.

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Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ Products

Innovative, safe, natural veterinary approved, formulated, Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ products are proudly made in the USA with natural and organic ingredients.

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Dr. Jyl's PetnPeopl™ Veterinarian Developed

Dr. Schmedley's Sol Screen...Designed to protect you and your precious pet from the harsh sun rays and pesky insects.

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Safe & Natural Products for Your Pets